SMS Gateway API Integration

What is API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a source code based application combined with software components and are meant to be use for communication purpose.

SMS API With is the largest business SMS service provider in World Wide and provide several API into your sms gateway for seamless integration of messages to send to your intended customers. The SMS are auto generated and facilitate you and your employees to communicate with your clients and customers in a direct and cost effective way.

Use our Free SMS API to send messages to your customers and users, it will definitely help you in enhancing the functionality of your web application by offering unified SMS solutions. Beside using our API the developers can also also use it in their development. They can download the below example API code files to test. provide the following types of API’s for the users facility.


HTTP in simple language is (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) used to transfer hyper text document and files including voice, graphic images and other multimedia files through the world wide web.


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