Email-to-SMS Gateway service

What is Email to SMS Service?

Email to SMS service enables the user to send SMS directly from his/her already existing email account (Outlook, hotmail, Lotus e.t.c) directly to the moblie phone of the recipient.

Email to SMS Service With ABTXT.COM:

ABTXT.COM ensures the users the easy and simple to use platform for sending messages with their already existing email client.This service of ABTXT.COM provides you the facility to send SMS by using any of your email account e.g Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook. You can simply send SMS by using your email account to any mobile network. So you dont need to login to ABTXT.COM always to send SMS. Now you can send SMS to your clients and employees from your own existing business or personal email address. The Email to SMS service of ABTXT.COM offers the user different options to send SMS. Below is given the detail that how this service can be used:

Option 1:

Choose from dropdown “From Email Address” and register your email address then You can send an email in the format recipient`s mobile YourMobileNumber @ ABTXT.COM with your “Username” in the subject line.

Option 2:

Choose from dropdown “Register My Mobile Number” and register your mobile number and we will only check if mobile number is registered in your account we will send SMS to that number.

Option 3:

Choose from dropdown “Register My Gmail address and Mobile number” and then register your Gmail address and Mobile number and we will forward your all Gmail emails to your registered mobile number.

Features of Email to SMS Service:

The main features of this service include:

  • Simple to use platform
  • SMS Alerts on Mobile
  • Use Email to send Bulk SMS
  • Send SMS to any number from Gmail, Hotmail email address
  • Allow Email Forwarding option to your gmail account
  • without installing anysoftware, simply use your existing email account
  • suitable for the clients whose employees dont have internet access
  • Develop your business through the Email service of ABTXT.COM to market your product.

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