SMS OTP Service

What is an SMS OTP?

An SMS OTP (one-time password) is a secure authorization method where a numeric or alphanumeric code is sent to a mobile number. This password is an added layer of security used to verify the identity of a user logging into an online platform, application or website. It commonly used by banks, insurance companies and online retailers, one-time passwords help ensure the security of your customers valuable data and information.

SMS OTP Service with ABTXT.COM:

ABTXT.COM provides secure and easy platform to its potential users through which they can access to their account after authentic verification. SMS OTP service will ensure that your important information is not shown to any unauthentic user. Through ABTXT.COM platform you can receive verification code on your registered number that will allow you to receive and send information in a protected environment.

The SMS OTP service of ABTXT.COM offers secure platform and provides businesses and clients two methods to avail this service offering flexibility based on your convenience.

Following are the two methods of SMS OTP with ABTAXT.COM that you can avail by simply following these simple steps:

How it works?

Download and install “Mobile SMS Gateway" configure on your Mobile along with your registered number, once the message is received you will receive an message in your account portal as well as email about that message.

Method 1:

  • Enable the OTP Service from your account
  • Generate Authentication Key
  • Implement OTP on your website using API or our jQuery code
  • Authentication – client token is generated
  • Send OTP message using client token with phone number and custom data if needed
  • Confirm OTP messaging using client token with OTP code and custom data if needed

Method 2:

  • Second method is by jQuery code
  • Get client token – including OTP Authentication code
  • Send OTP message
  • Confirm OTP message


  • Secure customer data: Implementing SMS OTP on your website, app or software will add another level to your security, substantially decreasing the vulnerability of your customer’s data and information.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Providing your customers the option of one-time password shows that your business takes their data security seriously.
  • More secure than Email: An SMS OTP is much more secure than Email, because if potential hacker has email and password information for the login of an online platform or app, it is possible they may have access to the connected email address as well.

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